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Get The Edge on Your Dreams

“Too unconcerned to love and too passionless to hate, too detached to be selfish and too lifeless to be unselfish, too indifferent to experience joy and too cold to express sorrow, they are neither dead nor alive; they merely exist.” Martin Luther King Jr.

But that’snot you. No. You’re a writer, living at the height of your passion. Dreams, hopes, rage, swoons—oh, it’s the writer’s life for you!

That’s why you’re reading Novel Rocket, to get the edge on your dreams.

I’ve needed productivity ideas, so I’ve been reading. Here’s some tips I’ve gathered from the sources I’ll list below. (These get harsh, but this is my pep talk—this is how I talk to myself. My arms are cross and my tone is terse.)

  • Your writing passion is bizarre and will create a life that doesn’t look like those of your friends. If you’re not okay with that, drop writing and pursue normal.

  • Energy on many projects won’t get them done. Focus on one project to its completion. Then move on.

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