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The Earth is an M&M: Advice When You Are Close to Finishing Your Manuscript

You’ve been writing your first work like a crazy woman or a madman, and suddenly, you wonder what happens next. Doubt in your writing is like cruising your bike along a trail and someone shoving an iron rod through the spokes. Or thinking the earth is a giant Peanut M&M and you dig a hole through the candy shell and chocolate layer to arrive at the center of the earth and find a giant, overcooked chickpea. You’re thrown off-track, and things aren’t quite like what you’d thought they’d be.

You think your work is good and has excellent potential for publication. But what will everyone else think? There’s so much to consider. Experienced writers, when asked for advice, are put in an extremely difficult position. There’s a small element of an oracle about it, reading the future and prophesy. Yet, here are the considerations I contemplated before I looked up from my work and saw I was an award-winning author. Remember, you’re critically analyzing your situation, which means each point is a different angle. Don’t just pick one point to run with. Instead, think through your situation from the top, sides, bottom, and inside out.

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