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The Heart of the Matter: A Writer's Barbaric Yawp

You closed your laptop and turned your back on writing. Over the weeks, months, years, you worked through churning emotions. Powerful things, those emotions. I won’t call them bad. Nor are they good. They just are. They’re with you, sometimes they even feel they are you, and sometimes they act like a bad friend whispering lies—that you are the sum of your feelings. You long for peace. What’s better than walking on a cool fall day wrapped in a comfortable sweeter, the sun splashing on the vibrant leaves? Some emotions are walking beside you as a friend. Emotional Struggle Isn’t the End The emotions that drew you away from writing didn’t destroy your writing path. They didn’t kill your need to write—it's a giveaway because you're reading a writing blog. Instead, the fears, doubts, and concerns about self pulled you away. The path is still there. The necessity to put words on paper remains, battling with the emotions. The self-doubt and fear are entirely justified. We all feel those things. We all endure them. Sometimes it feels as if doubt’s fingers are around our throat. And yet, we still breathe. One breath. Then another. One word. And then another.

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