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The Best Chocolate Comes From Côte d'Ivoire

We want more from ourselves.

I mash the remote to watch someone make chocolate cake with chocolate chunks, chocolate frosting, and chocolate candles. I’m on the couch and reach for the Peanut M&Ms on the coffee table. I drop the remote. Argh. I lean over and pick it up and set it on the armrest. Thankfully, I didn’t have to drop the raised footrest. I refocus on the food connoisseur, who is taking the time to choose chocolate either from Ecuador or Côte d'Ivoire. I admire the stock snapshots. The cook makes his decision. When it comes to flour, Europe is worried about Brexit, so their grain may be stressed. Russia is currently outproducing the U.S. in grain exportation, but the cold war is heating up again, so best not buy Russian flour. U.S. flour is the staple, but the chef is feeling like a change. He goes with flour made from Canadian wheat. We’ll see. He never changes where he procures the eggs. The Buff Orpington chicken gets moody during the summer and longs for human connections, so the farmers bathe, massage, and council every chicken in hopes it lays the highest quality eggs. The hens have a great 401k, four weeks paid vacation, and double chicken-feed-and-a-half for two eggs.

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