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Marketing Rock Stars

How cool must you be to market your books? Rockstar status would be nice. That means ripped skinny jeans and an awesome hairstyle for the dudes, and clothing optional for the ladies. Add an awesome gig, and you’ll sell. However, showing up to keynote in a Lady Gaga outfit might limit your future speaking opportunities, especially for you Christian fiction dudes.

What kind of person must you be to market your books? I’ve noticed a few distinct styles that seem to work.

  • The Rockstar. This person is bigger than life. Daily, they post on social media their exploits, which usually include riding a donkey in unique settings. Or skydiving over an extinct volcano. Or riding a donkey while skydiving over a live volcano. Readers must buy their books simply because this person must be an amazing storyteller. They’re making a story of their life by doing a Facebook live from the moon.

  • The Thinker. When a potential reader sees a bio with more letters behind their name than is in the Greek alphabet, and their teaching position is so prestigious they look good in argyle...

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