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A Writer Survives a Broken Finger

I’m typing this blog with one hand. Because of an incident. The incident involved a 41-year-old active male, a city-league softball game, a pop fly to left field, a mitt on a left hand, a fence to mark the boundaries of a homerun, a leftfielder with a tendency to forget fence locations, and a glove bouncing off the hand. The story also includes a pinky, a rush to the emergency room, a specialist, surgery, and finally, a writer typing with one working hand. For least five weeks, I’m short a digit, and a cast that binds my fingers closer than my family. I’ve had to let my fiction slide and the ghostwriting projects pass to others. Not only is it financially trying, I can’t express myself through my work quite as easily as I used to. I’ve had to adjust. Here’s a few tips to overcome incidents when they happen. —Eat chocolate on the first day. Life changes mean emotional frustration. Take time to grieve your new reality.

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