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Conversations With Fear

“Hey, Fear,” I say as I sit down to work on a new project. “You’ve been working out at the gym again, I see.”

“You know, I don’t care to be here. I show up only because you want me. I'd rather be watching videos.”

I take my hands off my keyboard. “Really. I invite you? No offense, but I really could use some peace. This is a big project, and people are depending on me to be world class. Things are backing up, and frankly, my career as a writer depends on what happens next. So, if you don’t mind, I better get to work.”I try to move my fingers. They won’t budge.

I hear chuckling in my head. “Paralyzed by Fear.”

He’s laughing so hard now I almost think he’s funny. “Okay, you’ve had your joke. Now look. I can’t mess this up. Here, here’s a few distractions. I’ll count backwards from five. Sometimes that works.”

He wipes the tears from his eyes and the laugh lines smooth. “All right, I’ll warn you, I’m strong this time. I’m not going anywhere. Besides. You’ve written over one million words in your career. And I’ve been your constant companion for EVERY SINGLE WORD.”

“True, Fear. You are my constant companion.”

“Now, let me be your guide.”

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