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Gather a Flock

Create a following, and they'll sell your books for you. But how to cultivate a flock of adoring fans? How geniuses have created followings in the past— —Escape the inescapable. (Houdini) —Itch curiosity. (documentaries) —Engage and connect. (talk to people where they are, both physically and mentally) —Do something incredibly stupid and brag about it. (viral videos) —Elaborate marketing schemes. (PT Barnum) —An irresistible product. (according to, PlayStation is the highest selling product of all time) —Jump the Grand Canyon in your minivan. (Don’t. Just don’t) —Be extraordinarily attractive. (mmmhmmm. We've already got that covered, haven't we? *swishes hair over the shoulder) The key to each of these methods?

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