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Time and a Freaking Out Writer

My emotions broil until my insides turn to jelly. It’s all about time. I’ve written about time before. I even had answers. So, why am I a quivering mess of goo? I’m not alone. Writer men come to me in tears. Day job. Family time. Lawn. Boom. Day over. Writer women’s fingernails are daggers piercing their palms. Whirlwinds destroyed the floor they just cleaned. Expectations. Church duties. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Day job. Boom. Day over. God gave me a need to write, and then took away my time! We’re serious writers, and we know what it takes to compete with the person who has a spouse with a satisfactory job and the kids are away creating their own havoc in the world. #jealous (This isn't a competition! Drive to be your best, and don't listen to agents and editors who say there are hundreds of manuscripts for every publishing slot.) —Study of craft. —Study the market. —Read 1000 pages for every 1 we write. —Maintain five social media profiles, two blogs, and a website. —Research our topic.

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